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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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By DerryP
Has anyone got the ecodesigner star to work with archicad 17 by installing the hot fix #5?

Installed the hot fix but opened the program but not installed.

Would like to know how it is installed?
You need to purchase a license for Ecodesigner*.
Only the basic Ecodesigner is include in the Archicad program.
I think so.
You need to have a FULL AC17 version licence, and you also need an EcoDesigner Star licence.
I assume Ecodesigner Star might become available also for the EDU version in the future on, but not now. EcoDesigner Star only got released for the first few languages.
My ArchiCAD rep advised me yesterday that the EcoDesigner Star add-on will be priced at $2,495 (discounted to $2,246 if you purchased the EcoDesigner add-on a few years ago).
Was hoping to be able to jump on it…not sure now. Sure has some nice features but….
Apparently the latest hotfix 6 (5019) allows Ecodesigner* to run in trial mode.
Release Notes for ArchiCAD 17 Hotfix Build 5019

This Hotfix makes the trial functions of EcoDesigner STAR available in countries where the product is available (United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden).
I don't know if it will work with the EDU version but I don't see why not.
But it will be just a trial so you may not be able to save anything (or it may be time limited).

Actually I am confused myself.
The previous image I posted says ED* is an add-on although the attached image here clearly says it is not an add-on and you need to purchase a licence to activate it.
That's fine I get the license bit.

But how do you activate the trial of ED* without a license?
The standard ED has always been a part of Archicad 17 so why do we need hotfix 6 to activate a trial?
I see nothing except the standard ED with the latest hotfix.
And I see nothing in MyArchicad to download a trial license.