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I don't know about such limitation, but maybe we are looking at different dialogs or something. Could you send me a project of yours you have this problem with (in PLA), and some pictures of where you see this issue?

Hi Daniel, I’d like to but I cannot send the .pla extension even on your private message interface... I’ll just send a screenshot for now... It’s not really a problem for most applications - 100 m2 of thermal solar is a lot after all, but I just wonder what is the reason behind this limit.
While I’m here, the Photovoltaics system panel area doesn’t have a limit BUT - there’s always a but - past a certain point, increasing the area doesn’t reduce the purchased energy figure, which I have difficulty to come to grips with... Because for other systems such as wind, quite logically, If I increase the wind energy kWh, I can see immediately a reduction in purchased energy (electricity in my case)...
What I would like to know is if GS has a fully worked out example of a simple zero purchased energy building using renewable systems. I cannot seem to get to that elusive zero with EDS...
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