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Dear all 8) ,

I have a question regarding absorbency analysis and shading analysis in ARCHICAD. I would like to make it more automatic and faster (and maybe have better results 8) 8) 8) ). Today, our office is doing it by hand, which is tedious and long process. I would like to change that and make it more automat-ish. Do you have any suggestions regarding the topic?

Karol :mrgreen:
Hello Karol,

To a shading analysis you have to georefence your model by the origin 0,0,0 at the beginning of you project (Option/Project preferences/Project location) then you have to add a level to the see about your Level 0. and finaly put your north at the right direction.

I use document 3D by a top view in black and white and without perspective to realize my shading analysis. But you can do it by a 3D view too.
Gianluca Ardiani wrote: Tue Jan 07, 2020 3:23 pm The best, most precise and fastest way right now is to connect the model to grasshopper and use ladybug and some other gh plugin.
it's not easy but the result is good also with complex geometry buildings
That's what I thought. I was hoping that there is another, quicker possibility :mrgreen:

Thanks 8)