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By Anh L. Do

Does anyone know a tools/software/plug-in for Archicad to analyse solar impact/day light access like Ecotect used to do for Revit?

I am more interested in the software that shows which parts of the building get sun and which doesn't. The sun path object and the create sun study function in Archicad is not really what i am looking for as they mainly analyse shadow. Unless there is some other ways of using these tools to visualize daylight access that I am not aware of?

I also had a look a round on the web but closest thing I can find is Ladybug but apparently it requires Grasshopper as well.

Thank you all in advance.
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By runxel
While I don't know any special analysis tools for Archicad, the Grasshopper connection would come into my mind right now.
There are some quite nice (and free!) tools available.