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By bgoodale
how do you specify the location of the marker that indicates the hyperlink to the referenced floors?

in the test/demo file that comes with the app, the floor plan markers are all neatly outside of the building. mine keep ending up in the middle of my building. i cant figure out how to control the location of the markers..
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By methy
Bringing this thread back from the dead because i would also like to know this.

Is it perhaps linked to the project origin somehow? or are there manual marker hyperlinks that can be placed for storeys.

The position of the Floor Plan Markers in 3D is generated by an algorithm that calculates the position based on the model bounding box, the camera position and the model geometry in a way, that it would be easily visible, and the marker would be placed outside of the building. It cannot be controlled by the user.

If you have a project that places markers inside the building, that might be a rare exception the algorithm can't calculate properly. If you can send me a PLA and the Hyper-model in a PM, I could look into what might be the reason.

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