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3D TV with glasses (as annoying as those are for those of us with glasses) gives me the pleasant feeling of looking through a window as it were.

Due to eyesight problems I could never get ye olde stereographic things to work, so I haven't bothered with VR BIMx yet myself, but I would prefer a TV app with 3D glasses, though I think the 'hype' for this has passed already.
sboydturner wrote:Nausea is still a significant problem even with high end VR solutions. Just yesterday afternoon our interior designers had a virtual walk though of an apartment development we have designed even using the graphic artists dedicated system some felt I’ll and needed to rest for a while before they were safe to leave. The disconnect between what is seen by the eyes and what is sensed by the inner ear is very much a challenge, the only ‘easy’ solution I can see is that VR is experienced actually walking around in a large room

I have had the same issue since the inception of BIMx except not only do I have motion sickness with Google Cardboard but also with tablet or full size monitor applications after only a minute or two. I have given up using walk-throughs as a design presentation for clients because I can't properly proof the scenes.

However, I continue to use BIMx for site reference and technical drawings. Although there are some interesting abilitiesin BIMx, Acrobat is still my go-to app for communication.