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By Anton Kazmin
I think the description of the minimal requirements for OS in App Store needs to be updated.

The description says "iOS 10.0 and above", but it does not work on one of my older devices (like iPad Air2 iOS 10.0.2). The application just closes back after opening. It does function properly on iPads Pro with the latest iOS builds, so it is the older model issues.

I don't mind, as this iOS is way outdated, but the minimal requirements need to be updated.

EDIT: Actually, BIMx Lab does not close, BIMx Lab sort of going "pop-under"... you can see it in application view, but when you activate it, it "goes under" and only home screen is visible. See screenshot attached.
By DGSketcher
Is this feedback or criticism? GS openly state that Lab is an R&D project, so don't be surprised if it has bugs. I downloaded it last night out of curiosity and the sample project has issues on the latest iOS on an iPad Air.

GS do provide links in the app for feedback, that may be a better place to send your concerns as this isn't an official GS support forum.
By Anton Kazmin
this isn't an official GS support forum.
You are right. I always forget about that... gets me every time. :-(

I have this strange mental connection that an offcicial GS site linking directly to this forum in the header somehow makes it official. My bad.
By Anton Kazmin
wonder why you don't update your IOS?
I do, Karl. Both of my iPad pros are up to date, however I still use iPad Air 2 with an old iOS due to some old apps being in conflict with newer iOS.

This thread is not about my setup. This thread I about App Store description for BIMx Lab that states "iOS 10.0 or later".
All I did is tried to report this inconsistency here, as I can't even send a bug report from that iOS version from within the app, as BIMx Lab just does not open.

Please delete this thread since it brought more confusion to the subject.
I think the description of the minimal requirements for OS in App Store needs to be updated.

Thank you for notifying us! We have released a product update (2018.177) recently to fix it.
So I ask you to upgrade your devices to the latest iOS version because BIMx Lab requires iOS 11.0 as a minimum.

Sorry for any inconveniences!

Gyuri Nyitrai
BIMx PRoduct Manager