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I have created two projects, almost identical except for alternative floor plan/roof schemes, however, one file shows foliage on trees when looking out through the windows, and the other does not. I have read and understood this is possibly a result of "alpha" in the transparency setting for the surface, however, even when I deselect this option and republish my BIMx . model, the issue continues and I cannot see the foliage.

Any idea? I have checked settings for trees to make sure their surface settings etc. are the same (they should be as I copied and pasted form one project to the other), and I've also checked the 3d styles settings and all GO/MVO/Layer/3d view settings, all of which are identical as far as I can see.
I noticed the same concern for managing transparency between two successive windows (one behind the other)

I think the problem is the same: "How does BimX handle double or triple transparency?"

Have you tried viewing your bimX file with the BimX lab application? ... 27964?mt=8

This version is much better but is still in development since the end of 2018

I just want to confirm what Christophe Fortineau said.

It is indeed a known issue with the 3D Engine of the BIMx app that it can't handle transparency 100% properly when there are multiple (semi-)transparent surfaces behind each other, making foliage disappear.

This is one of the issues the new 3D engine of BIMx Lab is set out to fix. It is currently only available for iOS, but we are planning to roll it out for other platforms as well in the future (once the development finishes). In the meantime, if you are on iOS, I recommend using BIMx Lab, because that should give you a much better experience.

Hi Daniel,

Is there an approx timeline when windows may get BIMx Lab?
I have this same issue with my foliage which really does detract from the experience for my clients.
This issue has been long standing.
I use Archiradar plants/trees which are full of transparency maps.
The trees look great in the 3d window, but a big let down in BIMx currently.
Bimx was designed on iOS for tablet. This is an experiment that loses a lot of its interest on a system like OSX or Windows. Personally I do not see the point of wearing bimx on OSX or windows. For example juggling between multiple IOS applications (with go and then back) is impossible on OSX, Windows and Android ... With IOs it is possible. For my part I am waiting for the next BimX application since November 2018. I can not wait to see the corrections especially with the visit with gravity or with new render IG
Hello psimun,

Yeah, BIMx is best on mobile platforms, so that is our main focus at the moment (on desktops people usually communicate with pdf drawings and ARCHICAD is also available for presentations).

But that doesn't mean we forgot about the desktop apps! We started a web viewer service on, that lets you view your models just like in the mobile app right from the browser, without installing an application. We plan to keep developing this viewer to keep it up-to-date with the mobile viewer's capabilities, and further down the line also translate its features into the desktop application. These changes might take several years, but it is definitely on our roadmap.

Kind Regards,