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I noticed, that ArchiCAD cannot export multiple layouts into BIMx hyper model. If I split my schedule of drawings list among multiple layouts - I'm getting multipage PDF, but in BIMx it's only one page.
Did you previously publish a single sheet schedule in your BIMx publishing set?

I just ran a test on an existing model which I recently 'BIMx'd'. I added enough zones to create a multi-sheet zone schedule. The PDF output was fine, but the BIMx output left off the second sheet (result as you stated). I then removed the older schedule layout in the BIMx publishing set and replaced it with a fresh copy. The multi-sheet came through just fine in the BIMx.
I cannot get the same result as you are describing. I created, re-created several time - the result - only one page from 6-pages multiple layout in BIMx. I'm using drawing list to make multi-page drawing register.
I ran another test by creating a new project from template and added all drawings into the index to force a multi-sheet index. It successfully ran multi-sheets in PDF. Then ran a BIMx publishing set as well. I notice only the first sheet of the multiple (G-1.101) is showing in the BIMx project drawing list, but not the follow-on sheets G-1.102, G-1.103. However, if I select the first sheet (G-1.101) and swipe to the next drawing, the extra sheets G-1.102 and G-1.103 are present in the published set. Could this be the case in your set?
'Swipe' as in dragging your finger across the screen of a touch-screen mobile device supporting BIMx (e.g., iPhone, iPad).

When you first go into your project in the BIMx app on your mobile device, it shows your published drawing set. Try to open the single sheet you recognize containing the first part of your drawing list. When it is open on the screen, drag the image to the left and it will (hopefully) show the second sheet of your multi-sheet drawing list.
The best way a good BimX presentation :
1 layout = 1 view

You can put many 3D views too (before > demolition > after)
And the must is to select the IG option for each 3D view