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By Rob Snyder
I think what Graphisoft did with hypermodel with BIMx is extremely excellent. I'm using BIMx Pro. I have one suggestion for improving graphics clarity.

When I see a drawing in the model, it seems like BIMx is showing all of the model graphics that appear on the sheet, including all the 3D-driven graphics that are flattened onto the sheet plane, and then returning all of those graphics back into the 3D view area where the sheet is presented in place.

In my opinion, that causes a redundancy that reduces the clarity of the fusion of the drawing inside the 3D model. A good solution would be for BIMx/ArchiCAD to:

1: recognize the difference between two kinds of graphics on sheets:

A: Graphics that are on the sheet because they are a view of the 3D model, flattened, and
B: Extra graphics that I added to the sheet on top of the model-driven graphics (dimensions, text, extra 2D graphics I add for un-modeled detail to the drawing...)

2. It's the "B" graphics that BIMx should show up in the hypermodel in 3D. The "A" graphics are redundant and get in the way of seeing as clearly as possible the meaning of a slice through a model with the sheet "B" graphics in-situ assisting. The "A" graphics should be omitted when the sheet is viewed in-situ in the 3D model.

This is no complaint. I'm blown away by BIMx! I hope for a slight improvement in graphical reading with this suggestion. BIMx rocks :D
By DGSketcher
There is a feedback option in Bimx (certainly on the iOS version). I have used it a few times and usually get a response within 24hrs. You may be better using that option to share your ideas as I'm not so sure the Bimx team hang around here much.