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Everything related to BIMx and BIMx PRO: functionality, platforms, features, etc.

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why are there so many flavors?
see attached as to when to use which one.

Also...if my clients have BIMx and I have migrated to the BIMx Lab, then their files (BIMx files) are all of a sudden outdated...and they can't open them?

To start:

BIMx web viewer is essentially the BIMx app on the Web so your client only needs a link rather than downloading and installing the app. The web viewer is platform independent. Either is free.

BIMx Pro just adds some features to the BIMx app, like measuring and printing, and you pay extra for those features.

BIMx Labs is an experimental version of BIMx that can handle the visualization of much larger projects by restricting the generation to only what you are looking at. You probably don't need this one.
Hi Rob,

Thank you for sharing your experience!

As Richard has mentioned (thank you very much, Richard!), the BIMx PRO is a paid version that has certain extra features comparing to the normal BIMx app, which is free. The problem is, both apps are still running based on an old engine with some limitations.

BIMx is under a transition period. The BIMx Lab, which is currently available on iOS, is re-written based on a new rendering engine that supports larger models, and especially has every feature that the BIMx PRO has. If your client is having an iOS device, I highly recommend using this version since its new 3D engine is capable of opening much more complex models on mobile devices.

Later on this year the BIMx Lab will replace the regular BIMx app. We're very sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

Have a great weekend, and stay safe!

Best regards,

P/s: You can read more about BIMx Lab here
I hope someone at GS can straighten all this BIMX, BIMX Labs, BIMx Pro stuff out...seriously.

GS, don't let this get out of control like the layer-combination fiasco from version to version....please.

I love the BIMx product line.
I think "THIS" is the next-gen client presentation tool to be get it right this time...please GS.

I'm also very impressed with the graphic quality of the model in an ipad pro for example as you move around the's stunning...keep it up the good work GS but please........please, get your BIMx line in control.
I want to know WHY, when I'm in BIMx Pro, and I try to import
a model from the BIMx transfer site... it only prompts me to open in BIMx Lab??

Edit: Using iPad Pro, iOS 13.3.1
It may be because BIMx Lab was the last installed version and so it associated itself with the BIMx file format. So, when you click the file link, it opens with BIMx Lab. Your operating system should let you modify these file associations, so it opens with BIMx PRO.
Hi Marc,

From my experience with iOS and using BIMx, I assume you open BIMx Pro, and add the model via the model transfer site? From the screenshot, it looks like the site is open in Safari. Due to the restriction of iOS, it seems like once BIMx Lab is installed, iOS will set it as the default application to open BIMx file. I haven't found a way to bypass this restriction and set BIMx Pro to be the default application to open the file with.

There is a way to get around this issue, which is to download the BIMx file directly to your iPad. It's a bit tricky to do so, but it's not impossible:
- First, press and hold the blue "Download model" button, until it "floats" on the screen. While holding the finger on the screen, drag and drop the link to a text editor or a note-taking app (I use OneNote in this case)
- Edit "bimxapplication" to "https"
- Copy and paste the link into a web browser. The bimx file will be downloaded and stored on iPad (it can be found in the Files app)
- Now you can click the file and open it with either BIMx Pro or BIMx Lab.

But my suggestion is, if you prefer to work with BIMx Pro and use it frequently, I suggest removing BIMx Lab to make sure the default application to open bimx files is BIMx Pro. But maybe you'll want to give BIMx Lab a try :wink: !

I hope with will help you with the issue!

Have a nice day, and stay safe!

Best regards,
Holy CR*&P!
Such gymnastics to see a BIMx model.
...this is why clients shy away from this wonderful, potential game-changing's freakin' too complex to make it work.

I have a client who keeps calling me and asking "Can you help me re-establish the BIMx on my ipad? Seems that it doesn't work anymore"..................hubboy. There's no amount of excuse I can give him that will make ME feel comfortable except..."Sorry, upgrades and (ahem) NEW improvements by the developers........once again, sorry"...........

Guys (GS) you gotta stop.
I'm fully aware of "improvemets"...but for Pete's sake.....stick to a format and hone it. Please.
No BIMx Pro, BIMx Labs, BIMx....sheesh..please.
mnguyen wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:36 pm
But my suggestion is, if you prefer to work with BIMx Pro and use it frequently, I suggest removing BIMx Lab to make sure the default application to open bimx files is BIMx Pro. But maybe you'll want to give BIMx Lab a try
Hi Minh:
Thanks for that (and for your frequent posts on these boards).
Yes. I am using safari on the iPad.
I guess it's similar to opening .pln files on my desktop, always defaulting to the latest installed version of Archicad.

I actually prefer using Bimxlab, but have been awaiting a final version before I delete BimXpro & BIMx.
I've found it easier (except for when I share the file with clients or contractors) to save the BIMx file to a local folder and then airdrop it to my iPAD.
Much faster than waiting for it to upload to the transfer site.

Hope you and yours are staying healthy🌞