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Everything related to BIMx and BIMx PRO: functionality, platforms, features, etc.

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Its so exciting! right now its super easy to use bimx on my phone, ipad, and my laptop.

But just curious, does GRAPHISOFT have any plan to make it better??
i.e. make it possible to be able to be embeded into blogs, wesites, and even powerpoints! it must be super cool to show our projects in the presentation.

shine1031 wrote:But just curious, does GRAPHISOFT have any plan to make it better??
Of course! We do have :), thanks for posting your ideas, I have forwarded them to the Product Manager of BIMx.

customers ("US") are getting real excited about the BIMx technology GS. Heck, even Revit now has this "GLUE" software that you can see ALL kinds of 3d BIM exported information.

Go figure.......
Hello Guys
I am just as excited as you are with BIMx. I found that on the BIMx, Graphisoft portal an embedded code is available for license holders, therefore if you have a full license you may start there:

Just a few weeks ago I ran into
Just wondering if you guys have come closer to any embedded code for BIMx out there?

I understand that for tridify, you'll need to export IFC in order to produce de embedded code, yet you lose all the BIMx magic on a IFC viewer... Perhaps Marton Kiss would have news in regards to BIMx embedded?