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Stephen Dolbee wrote:
Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:47 pm
I just received a VR headset that I thought was a plastic version of Google Cardboard v2. It has no top button or any access to touch the phone screen. It did come with a bluetooth controller, but while it accesses phone functions, it does not seem to work in the bimx app. Does anyone know of a workaround to access walk/stop with this type of headset?
Hey Stephen - I'm assuming you are using an iOs device? I ran into the same problem, and found out that most VR controllers rarely work with iOs devices (they need a certain qualification standard which most cheap controllers don't have). Your only solution is to find a cardboard with magnetic switch.
Hi all, what version of Archicad was the first to support Google Cardboard VR? This thread started in 2016. Seems Archicad 17 is somehow different as it apparently doesn't export a workable Google cardboard VR file. Is this correct or user error?
This thread started in November 2016, AC23 came out in 2019, so AC20 came out in Summer 2016.
So I would say the answer is ARCHICAD 20.

But, I am not sure this depends of the ARCHICAD version because it is BIMx that supports Google Cardboard, so if you can save as BIMx from earlier ARCHICAD versions, then it is possible that the generated BIMx file can be viewed with Google Cardboard.
But you would have to try it, I don't know if current BIMx versions can read BIMx files saved from much earlier ARCHICAD versions or not. In theory, they should be able to, but you would have to test it.