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So...your Google Cardboard "was" working fine, then you connect the DayDream device and now try to run the Google Cardboard back on your iphone and it wont work?
what gives?
I thought the google cardboard was simply pushing a setting on the iphone that said "Cardboard VR" and that's it?
don't understand.
Gyuri Nyitrai wrote:
Hans Roest wrote: Default model works fine, this is exactly what we have been waiting for!
Whenever I upload a BIMx hypermodel of my own and enter the VR mode the dual viewports just freeze up. It works for one second, and then freezes.
Sucks because it seems to be model-related (demo model works). Any help here?
Hi Hans,

Thank you for notifying about this issue, we were finally able to reproduce this strange freeze effect on certain Android devices and immediately jumped into the investigation to find its root cause and to debug.
Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on it!
I'm happy to announce that recently we released an update (version 2016.3.563) to fix VR related crashes and freeze on certain Android devices and to correct the menu structure since only published hyper-models are compatible with the Cardboard VR feature (It is not compatible with the legacy 3D model-only format).

Thank you for your patience!

Gyuri & the BIMx Team
I noticed that if you have a "3Dmodel" only, there is no "Cardboard VR" setting to choose from.

Only when you output the BIMx file in "Hyper-Model" publishing will it be able to give you the option to select the "Cardboard VR" on the settings in 3D while viewing it in the Apple Iphone.
And where can these be purchased?

Here: ... cardboards

The best option here:
Steve Jepson wrote:And where can these be purchased?
Coming soon (so I'm told) from Graphisoft resellers: With BimX logos. 8)
Note: Image from Steve's youtube Link
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 9.54.41 PM.png
Super cool to experience space with this inexpensive viewer!

For any other old folks who wear bifocals/trifocals, I can report that it works fine for me - was worried that I wouldn't be able to focus.

I need a new insurance policy now, as I'm likely to trip over something or hit my head in real life while I'm turning around in the virtual building. I'm finding it especially difficult not to physically walk while I'm viewing.

The sample building has several code violations that should have resulted in my virtual death, but BIMx thankfully kept me from falling. :-)

Great shoulder strengthening exercise, too. ;-)
I put my latest model in it and had my 13 year old daughter try it. She loved it but also bounced off a sofa and crashed into the coffee table. I think I am going to need additional insurance before I send it to a client.
It works best at 1x speed, any faster gets disorienting.
Hi there. I have had great fun trying out my models in the cardboard view on BIMX but I have one gripe about controlling the walk function. It seems currently to just to be an automated 'walk wherever your view is pointed', but this is pretty clunky and I wondered if the navigation can be controlled by an external controller? My Xbox controller works well with my android apps so I guess I just expected this functionality to be in the app as per the desktop version of BIMX.

At the moment this does not seem to be the case as the directional pad on my controller does not seem to have any function in the app, just the buttons work at the moment.