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I also am looking for alternative methods of moving within the cardboard view. I have our models running and they look great! Everyone in the office is very excited but I cannot get my bluetooth controller to work within the app. Has anyone found a work around?
rob2218 wrote:nevermind...I'm a moron.
thanks GS. Cant' wait to get my BIMx Google Cardboard viewer to test out my bimx model.
OK, count me in as a moron too. I've looked at the tutorials I could find and could not get my organizer to look like the example. I notice this guide is for AC 17 and I'm on 19. What am I missing? I made a 3d model and tried to move it into publishing, but I don't see the Demo Bimx Hyper-model option.


Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 1.23.38 PM.png
Don Lee wrote:What am I missing?
Have you selected the publishing method?

You may find it easier to create hyper-model via "Wizard":
Help center: Create bimx hyper-model using a wizard
Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.08.05 PM.png
Mine works fine.
Its better to create a VR only publisher set with just the 3D model. Make sure you have enough cameras as these provide the shortcuts around the model.
Sorry if this has been said before
Hi belated thanks for all of the help. What confused me is that the instructions I found seemed to not quite match AC 19. So, here is what I found to work
that seemed easy:

-Open the model in the 3d window
-Go File>publish BIMX Hyper-model
-Email file to my cell phone (I would be doing this for a client)
-Go to email, download and save to BIMx app (on iPhone).
-Open BIMx app, select file, tap to view 3d model at bottom of screen
then select the three small circle icon at the top of the screen (this took some finding) then select Cardboard VR

I couldnt seem to Publish through the Organizer as was suggested. Maybe AC 19 is different. This sound about right?

If you are referring to the lighting effect, there is an option to click on the global illumination before you publish. Select the 3d view you want to publish, then click on the "options" at the bottom of the publisher dialogue.
I just received a VR headset that I thought was a plastic version of Google Cardboard v2. It has no top button or any access to touch the phone screen. It did come with a bluetooth controller, but while it accesses phone functions, it does not seem to work in the bimx app. Does anyone know of a workaround to access walk/stop with this type of headset?