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By Tom Krowka
How can I rotate the entire 3D model in BImx. I can move it left to right or up or down, but only past a stationary viewpoint. I used to be able to rotate the model on a dime using my mouse in AC 19 but can't seem to get 'er done in 20

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By Barry Kelly
Pressing the F8 key allows you to rotate the model rather than moving around (through) it.
But rotate the entire model is all you can do - you can't navigate through it until you press F8 again.

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By Stress Co.
This can be a helpful:
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By Brad Elliott
Is it possible that you can no longer rotate in Bimx on the Mac? I can go forward back left and right but I can no linger rotate so I just go in a straight line out the model. How do I get the old usability back? Some clients prefer to run this on their computers and not on their phones.
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By Karl Ottenstein
Works OK for me on Mac. Just have to be sure that the menus are not displayed (hit Essc). With menus displayed, the nav keys work, but the mouse is 'locked' to the menus.
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By Brad Elliott
Thanks Karl, I hadn't even noticed that the menus were on. I'll have to make a note of it, that would be embarrassing at a meeting.
By Lin
Just had this issue also.

In BIMX viewer (2019.2.2328-1.5) on a Windows system, the file opens however 'Esc' key will not exit you from the menu across the bottom of the screen and the mouse will not move your viewing direcion at all. Arrow keys allow you to walk only. Fly mode works, 'Shift' key to walk faster works.
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By Barry Kelly
Definitely no problems with that version on my Windows system.

If the ESC key is not working for you, all I can think of is that there is a background program running that is hi-jacking that key.
Or the keyboard is broken.

But then if it is either of those causes I would have thought you would have problems in other programs too.