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By jcrarch
I saved my camera views into the Bimx model. Will the movie only run on a lap top?
By jcrarch
I opened the Bimx Model in "Bimx Desktop Viewer" but the movie does not play "Play on start after saving the Bimx file, next time it is opened the movie will play..." It is not playing!?!
By jcrarch
More trouble. Tried publishing the Bimx w/ the camera path and got the following error: "Publishing of the item failed because ARCHICAD was unable to publish it". That's not a very helpful information message. Now what do I do???
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By dkovacs
Dear Jack Robinson,

If you create a BIMx Publisher set, and add a view you saved of a camera path to it (so not the individual cameras but the whole path), it should be saved out into the BIMx file as a video by default.

This video will be playable from the favorites in the mobile app. Here's an article explaining this.

On the desktop app you will be able to play the movie as well, you just have to click on the preview picture of the item in the gallery (see the attached picture).

Regarding your error, I am not sure what might be causing it based on this, I would need to see the file to be sure. I can try to take a look if you send it over to me, but you might be better off contacting your local support team about this, they should assist you much faster.

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By Barry Kelly
Glendixon wrote:
Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:46 am
I want it to run on mobile phones, how can an online application be loved?
There is a BIMx app for mobile devices.
Please clarify what you mean by an online application.
Otherwise this post will be deleted as it really makes no sense.