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By n000
I'm going crazy.
I can access it with an old eeepc under Windows 7, or with an ipad on chrome.

Impossible, under windows 10 pro 1809 17763.316 (surface), with chrome or explorer or edge
J can not access the complete page of online visualization of bimx.
I deactivated the firewall, the antivirus, the VPN, the proxy, change the DNS ... empty the caches ...

Here is the screenshot with edge with developer
Here is the screenshot with chrome with developer
If I go to the link ... gsidsso.js

Really a big thank you to the one who will have a track.
thank you in advance
Annotation 2019-02-23 095058.jpg
Annotation 2019-02-23 095058.jpg
2019-02-23 Chrome.jpg

Has this been resolved since? Can you connect now?

If it works fine from other computers, but it doesn't work from a specific computer on the same network, from any browsers, then there must be a setting that blocks the connection to the sites, or something that sabotages the contents. If you deactivated all the firewalls and other things, but you still have issues, please send me the following: You can upload the files/texts themselves, or screenshots of them. Hopefully our developers will be able to see what's wrong based on this information.

By n000
Phew, finally, thank you, thank you thank you,
I redid all the inactivation (anti virus, firewall ...) and throw the file hosts ... and it works.
thank you again for taking the time to answer ... and give good suggestions
I look forward to having the technical opportunity to test this Bimx file sharing service on MacOS.
Today 9 september 2019 and since few months it's allways impossible on any macOS devices