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Everything related to BIMx and BIMx PRO: functionality, platforms, features, etc.

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I saw the BIMxLab displayed in the Vegas video.
When will this be available for use?
Do you need AC23 to produce the BIMxLab models or can you still create them on AC22?
BimX LAB is available since the end of 2018 so you can use AC21 too
I thought the new bimx application were ready for Xmas 2018... But I'm still waiting
Otherwise you can open the same BimX file into BimX and BimX LAB
It'd be nice to see a feature matrix comparing:
Stress Co. wrote:
Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:48 am
Christophe Fortineau wrote:
Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:31 pm
BimX = BimX PRO
BIMx = free
BIMx PRO = $49.99 USD
:?: :?
Absolutly only $49 about BimX PRO
I've bought for IOS and Android
BimX LAB = free ;)
Hi Marc,

Thank you for the question!

BIMx Lab is a temporary app on iOS which delivers the next-generation 3D engine technology for BIMx, GRAPHISOFT's mobile BIM communication tool. BIMx Lab aims:
- to eliminate the BIM model size limit, prevalent on mobile devices,
- to renew the visualization with real-time global illumination effect,
- and to collect user feedback for fine-tune the technology for all BIMx apps.
I ask you to try it and send your comments and suggestions to!

i'm curious why do you call it a "temporary app"?
Does it not stay there on your ipad/iphone permanently?
rob2218 wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:40 pm
i'm curious why do you call it a "temporary app"?
Does it not stay there on your ipad/iphone permanently?
Cause it's not a complete app
There was an update but a some functions are not optimized yet
The gravity navigation mode was not completed during my last use
Get bimx on to the PC with full functionally, come on we have been waiting for you to put some effort into Bimx for years and this is the best you can manage,

And don't refer me to your web version as it so slow and tedious that i would be embarrassed to send a client to that site (have you actually used it switch between the model and 2D content on an actual job) I have a 1 gig fibre connection and its like watching paint dry!!!

Get the thing onto PC!!!!!!!