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Is there a way to import/extract an *.exe file that was made with Archicad 16? I opened it with BIMx desktop viewer and there is the 3D model. I was wondering if there is a possibility to import this data into Archicad and have a project base. I have some PDFs but I want to make my work easier.
I need to redraw an entire project and all I have is a folder with plans (PDFs) and that *.exe file.
Thank you!
I doubt you will be able to get any meaningful archicad data out of it (or any 3D model at all), it was just a way for clients to explore the model without the need to install software around that time.

I doubt you would be able to do much (or anything) with a current BIMx file in Archicad either.

I would hope so anyway, or I would not be freely sharing our projects this way.
Yes, you are right! I know that it is just an easier way to show our clients our work but I was hopping I can use something from it. Technically, there should be a way, that file has all the data needed to re-create the actual model.
Also, I thought that Archicad can import and use all the data that it can export. In the same time. I think would be logic. Even though I understand that it would be a problem to share our project this way, is not like that file contains all the notations, dimensions etc. - there is still enough work to complete the base idea that is shared by that BIMx.
Our clients want the same project they did few years ago - in different location with very small adaptations. All they have are the file I just mentioned. There is enough, but I thought there should be a way to import that BIMx to make things easier.
There is no way to bring a BIMx model back into Archicad that I know of.