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Eric Milberger wrote: Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:42 pm most clients don't seem to have an IPAD, all have PCs
Hello Eric,

I invite you to show just one time a bimX on ipad and they will understand what does it mean.
I have brought an iPad pro only for that 5 years ago and I never regretted once.

You are able to read a bimX on all Android devices too but you can be sure that the best way to have a great bimX experience is on an iPad with a large screen.
Too many times I am not there with the IPAD and it is a delivered file. The PC is easiest as too many dont have an IPAD in office OR not readily available to a big scren without runnin down to Best Buy for a cable.

I use the IPAD and can sometimes cast it and sometimes not.
The IPAD is great ,
Just too many time it is not available.