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By ThorIII
Any easy solution of finding the Layout GUIDs so I can make hyperlinks directly to 2D document?
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By Christophe Fortineau
Hello ThorIII,

Did you check this page :
We know we are able to create a link with an element into a 3D view but I do not think you can do it with a Layout like BimX do natively. Perhaps by BIMX API ?
By ThorIII
Hi, yes I know we can link into 3D, but in the BIMx API document it is shown how to link to 2D documemts aswell. And the provided example does link directly to plan view of the graphisoft demo hyperlik-modell. But to do this in my model I will need the unique id ot the document i'm linking to.

By ThorIII
I have found a way to find the GUIDs.
Open the *.bimx file in a text editor (notepad works), search for "<Item Id=" the GUIDs and Archicad layout name and ID can be found within the .bimx file as a xml formated text. Below is cut out from the Graphisoft Demo Hyper-model.bimx file. I made a script in autohotkey that exctracts the GUIDs and Layout names and parsing them to excel. Marked in red is the GUID for layout A-01.1 Siteplan. With this I can build a hyperlink that Opens the correct file and jumps directly to the layout.


<FileSystem HypermodelPath="C:\Public" PlanFile="C:\Users\lvass\OneDrive - Graphisoft SE\BIMxDemoHypermodel\BIMx Demo Hyper-model.pla"/>
<Item id="A2430AB7-24A3-0D49-AE31-8137F04931CB" title="3D Model" type="3D"/>
<Item id="94188D1F-5E7E-4241-ACBC-4875D997C714" title="Animation" type="3D"/>
<Item id="812688BA-4502-4B04-860E-9B6F3371C674" title="3D graphic override" type="3D"/>
<Folder id="C12F6778-9627-4C10-88AD-1E7DACD01BAD" title="A-01 Plans">
<Item id="50DC0FB4-9F52-D947-EE34-684DB81FBE5E" title="A-01.1 Siteplan"/>
<Item id="800EF3CC-FAC6-22C8-54EE-1E5675C0E889" title="A-01.2 Basement"/>
<Item id="84F52AB0-A7D8-EF78-B35C-B1E73F579F38" title="A-01.3 Ground floor"/>
<Item id="52BDE88A-8A06-D418-A887-6D73A4554EBA" title="A-01.4 First floor"/>
<Item id="3E49F3F3-E0DF-AEC0-D1AD-B46413C3CD84" title="A-01.5 Terrace plan"/>
<Folder id="02567C02-8AE6-4965-BFA7-74146D94EB94" title="A-02 Sections">
<Item id="9667197F-4565-6832-B255-61865EC7DD7E" title="A-02.1 A1 Section"/>
<Folder id="06CB18C0-7C22-49ED-9BC5-8F9829D2B14D" title="A-03 Elevations">
<Item id="06C5732D-D599-208B-1E4E-B3727B792CE5" title="A-03.1 South Elevation"/>
<Item id="7CF35610-42A3-5DED-E542-A248B5651E24" title="A-03.2 West Elevation"/>
<Item id="B9FD27AF-ACE1-B23F-97C8-8DAB597E73BD" title="A-03.3 North Elevation"/>
<Item id="B2CA7D2C-A35A-F693-3DD1-2B427B7E3111" title="A-03.4 East Elevation"/>
<Folder id="36B23FE3-31DC-E14F-BFAE-1D7509F7400E" title="A-04 Visualizations">
<Item id="ACD63E22-8A95-CDC6-B9BF-A11F64B9A655" title="A-04.1 Hall"/>
<Item id="1B913172-CA76-0237-5CDD-7FD70B717F20" title="A-04.2 Dining Room"/>
<Folder id="588B94E8-6D57-B649-9074-890F9E80E695" title="A-05 Lists">
<Item id="DD5A5BBE-4335-8CB5-51FF-5854D996D168" title="A-05.1 Wall and Opening list"/>
<Item id="C8F8D7AD-33FA-1E3A-EB40-0287A3E896C7" title="A-05.2 Furniture list"/>
<Item id="9D5A02BE-D199-49AC-8370-2FC8B0074F7B" title="A-05.3 Sheet Index"/>
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By Emre Senoglu
Christophe Fortineau wrote: Wed Sep 30, 2020 4:11 pm Notepad does not work on my computer
How do you do ?

textedit would work if you're on mac
By ThorIII
Just do a search for <Item Id= . The xml formated text are hidden in there. Its hard to spot just by scrolling.
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By Christophe Fortineau
greg_lupo wrote: Fri Oct 02, 2020 9:30 am How did You manage to open .bimx as xml formated file?. I opened it and its binary.
Hello greg_lupo,

Everything is not readable but notepad or textedit are tools capable of reading the BimX file