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By Raghunanda S A

I would like to know how we can do BiMX model for night view, where we can switch on and switch off internal lights and control the outside sky light.

Thank you
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By Emre Senoglu
Currently not possible in BIMx - it would certainly be a great improvement for the software though. You might want to look into Twinmotion. It doesn't allow display of BIM information like BIMx does, however is more suitable for lighting, vegetation and in general visualization. Let me know if you need more help about this.
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By mnguyen

Thank you very much for the question!

As Emre mentioned, currently it is not yet possible to do so. Fortunately, I found that we already had a similar wish in our Wish List database (please refer to it as #8226). Hopefully we will be able to implement it in a future version of BIMx soon!

Thank you once again, and have a great day!

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