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By MaxamAC
I have a fairly detailed house model with lots of complex profiles. When I export it to BIMX, the model has a terrible case of the flickers where it seems be having x-ray vision where joists can be seen thru ceilings and soffits and inner insulation layers of the complex profile walls flicker through to the surface.
Flickery Screen Shot
Flickery Screen Shot
Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 7.46.03 PM.png (1.91 MiB) Viewed 219 times
What's the fix for this?

AC23 on 2019 Macbook Pro.
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By Barry Kelly
Are your joists sitting above the ceiling slab?
If you have two surfaces in exactly the same plane you will have this issue - i.e. the bottom of your joist are in line with the bottom of the slab.

I have seen this in the OpenGL window even when the surfaces are close but not touching, but have not noticed it in BIMx.

Is it an option to not include the joist layer in the BIMx if they are not to be seen?