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By spuntop
Hello all, I'm new in BIMx.
Is it possible to create a fully rendered Hyper Model or I can only set a 3D Style like "Detailed shading with shadows" in the 3D Style menu? How to create a realistic walking through my model in this way? Transparences and reflections are possible?

Thank you so much and sorry for my poor english!

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By Barry Kelly
If you have published a BIMx file, then you have created a fully rendered hyper-model.
You view this file with the BIMx desktop viewer, or you can transfer it to mobile devices that have the BIMx app installed.
Once created you do not need Archicad to view this 3D walkthough.

The 3D view you see in Archicad can at best only use the OpenGL engine and you control how it looks with the 3D styles.
And of course you need Archicad to be able to see it.

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By Barry Kelly
spuntop wrote: Thu Mar 04, 2021 3:44 pm Ok but the Hyper model is made with the OpenGL engine, not with CineRender, isn't it?
Correct, it uses the OpenGL material settings, so you have to make sure they are set up correctly as you desire.
Cinerender has its own materials settings that can be completely different to the OpenGL settings for that material - there is a matching option to match Cinerender to OpenGL or OpenGL to Cinerender.
Cinerender renders use those Cinerender material settings, but they are static images and not walk-throughs.

If you don't like the BIMx models then you will have to try another 3rd party application - Twinmotion, Lumion, Vray, etc.
I am not sure if they all do 3D walk-throughs - Twinmotion does.

As far as I know they all get the basic material information from the OpenGL material settings, but you can then tweak/change them in the other software.
This is going beyond my level of expertise as I don't use them.
Maybe have a look around in the presentation/rendering section of this forum.

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By Rex Maximilian
You can still use BIMx (Legacy) app. It looks waaaaaay better than the new BIMx.