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Hi everyone,

Few days ago started using new version of Live Connection 2.0 and faced a problem: in previous version I draw a Curve and connected it to input "Curve" to create a slab using Grasshopper node . And it worked.

But in new version there is a "Polygon" input, not "Curve". When I create a Curve in Rhino and connect it, a problem appears - "Invalid Polygon value. Outline Curve is self-intersecting". I tried many types of Curves, but Node didn`t accept them. How simple rectangle can be self-intersecting? Then I tried to create a polygon in Rhino and connect it to input. Node said that my polygon was not in horizontal plane. But IT WAS. I tried some types of polygons in horizontal and vertical plane, but it didn`t work. It is very strange, because I can create any other elements without problems.

Has anyone run into the same problem?

Mac OS Sierra
AC21 5021
RhinoWIP 5.4.2
Grasshopper-ARCHICAD 21 Live Connection 2.0
Mac OS Sierra
AC21 5021
RhinoWIP 5.4.2
Grasshopper-ARCHICAD 21 Live Connection 2.0
Goodbye RhinoWIP for Rhino 5 for Mac
Have you tried with plain Rhino for Mac, WIP-version seems to be old already? I believe RhinoWIP should have warned you about it.
Rhino (not WIP) version for MAC doesn't have Grasshopper in it. I have the latest version of RhinoWIP and it works pretty well with Live Connection 2.0 plugin. All nodes are working. Node "Slab" also working, but I can't understand what type of data needs input "Polygon". It doesn't accept any type of curves and polygons. Maybe it needs a combination of polygon and plane?
Sorry, I might not be helping with your actual problem, but Grasshopper (and paneling tools too) are in there with the newest Mac Rhino (in regular too, not WIP only).
Dan@McNeel wrote:You may have also noticed we recently published the 5.4 update to Rhino 5 for Mac 3.8k. If you’re looking for Grasshopper or PanelingTools, that’s where you will find them.
Grashopper works now with "Grasshopper" command, not "ExplicitHistory" like it did in earlier (WIP) versions.
Hey guys,

Yes, there is a known issue, that our tolerance was pretty tiny when it came to checking whether something was planar, so that might have been an issue.

There are also a few other issues in that version as well, so you might want to try the preview version of build 6000. You can download the ARCHICAD update from here, and the corresponding Add-on from here. Note that these update packages are not final, so there might still be some major issues in them. You can see the conversation about them here.

It's hardly a method. Rather quiet common thing in Rhino/GH. When you increase tollerances some RH commands need to have very precise curves. Glad I could help.

True connection is greate and it was improved very much over last year. Hope you will keep it up. There is still a lot to do. :D
By the way I made request to make part of code open source like most of GH plugins. Do you think it's possible ?