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By Hanse
Hello all,

I have another question. A very simple question again. :oops:
I have made a wall in ArchiCAD.
In Grasshopper I started "Deconstruct Wall, as you can see on the attached image.
Is it possible to change the lenght of this ArchiCAD wall in Grasshopper?
Or is it "read only"?

Thank you

Best regards, Hanse
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By LaszloNagy
No, if an element existing in ARCHICAD was not created by Grasshopper, then it is not possible to change its length or any of its geometry. If you Deconstructed an ARCHICAD Wall in Grasshopper, changed the length parameters and generated an ARCHICAD Wall from Grasshopper, it would not replace the original ARCHICAD Wall. Instead, it would generate another Wall on top of it.

Ability to modify the geometry or settings/parameters/properties of ARCHICAD elements from Grasshopper is one of the wishes for the ARCHICAD-Grasshopper Connection.
By Hanse
Thank you for your reply, Laszlo

I was almost sure that´s not possible yet, but always better to ask.

Best Regards, Hans