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By Frank Gergaud
Hi everyone,

I have tested the new release of ArchiCAD-Grasshopper live connection 2.2 (22.0.4027) for ArchiCAD 22.

I have some suggestions in my mind that I would like to share with you.

We can now get the ArchiCAD elements as a BREP in Grasshopper but will it be possible to also import as a mesh instead? Brep is larger than Mesh and therefore, difficult to work with for big project. It can take several minutes to get the BREP in grasshopper from the ArchiCAD elements.

And also, I would like to know if in the next version, it will be possible to get the colour of the ArchiCAD element in Grasshopper? I have this problem with window that I need to distinguish frame and glass. With colour I could do that. Is there any development for integration of colour in Grasshopper from ArchiCAD?

Thank you for your consideration and for the huge work that has been done between ArchiCAD and Grasshopper.

Best regards,

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to inform you that we have just released the latest version of the Grasshopper–ARCHICAD Live Connection Tool (version 2.2 – build 4027) for ARCHICAD 22, for Windows and macOS.

The latest update provides compatibility with ARCHICAD 22 build 4023, and includes several new features and improvements including, but not limited to:
  • Use of Parametric Complex Profiles
  • Extracting Brep geometry from referenced AC elements
  • New options on the Grasshopper Connection Palette (‘Unlock GH Elements’ and ‘Send Changes’)
  • Handling Array type parameters in GDL objects! (my personal favorite)
See the full list of improvements here.

GH-AC connection add-on new features.png
GH-AC connection add-on new features.png (789.56 KiB) Viewed 5260 times
I have a problem with instal the add-on Grasshopper-Archicad Live Connection for ACH 22.
It tells me : "Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection for ARCHICAD 22 runs with up-to-date ARCHICAD 22 versions only, no such ARCHICAD 22 is found in the selected folder. Please select another ARCHICAD 22 folder."
Can you help me with an advice please?
Thank you!
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The obvious question is has your Archicad 22 been updated to the latest version?
And if it is the latest, is it in the standard installation folder or have you specified a custom installation location?

eduard.N wrote: Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:37 pm Hello!
I have a problem with instal the add-on Grasshopper-Archicad Live Connection for ACH 22.
It tells me : "Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection for ARCHICAD 22 runs with up-to-date ARCHICAD 22 versions only, no such ARCHICAD 22 is found in the selected folder. Please select another ARCHICAD 22 folder."
Can you help me with an advice please?
Thank you!

I replied to you in a private message!

Petar.Pejic wrote: Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:46 am GREAT NEWS,
I was producing really complicated workflow in order to get walls and windows as oppenings in grasshopper from archicad model (I am preforming energy evaluation). This should be much easier now.
could you elaborate more on
Handling Array type parameters in GDL objects?

Absolutely! As you probably now, you could already create your own GDL objects that you could place using the ARCHICAD object (and ARCHICAD Object Settings) nodes from Grasshopper. So far you were able to select and control different GDL parameters from the settings node, but you couldn't control Array parameters in any way.

Now you are able to use Array type parameters as inputs on the settings node, and take any type of information you want. Currently it is limited to only being able to handle 1 dimensional arrays, but the other dimension can be any number of values. The input must be a flat list.

This means that you will be able to write GDL objects without knowing how many input parameters they will get when run, thus you can get an unlimited number of strings, numbers, lengths, angles, etc.

A good example is the use of coordinates as the input. I have written an object that takes any number of coordinates as an input, and then sweeps a shape along that path - just as a proof-of-concept. You can see the input points highlighted in Rhino, and the 2 objects placed in ARCHICAD.

I am interested to see what you guys will be able to get out of this! If you get stuck, let me know!

Regards, Daniel
array input example.png
array input example.png (1.48 MiB) Viewed 4734 times
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By dkovacs

I added your request to our system. In general there's no color/texture transferred between Rhino and ARCHICAD (even when you import a 3DM file manually), but we will see what we can do about this.

As for extracting meshes from ARCHICAD:
We have been generating this geometry anyways for the preview in Rhino, so what we did now is made it available for extraction (with customizability).
Brep is "smarter" than a mesh so it is easy to generate a mesh from a BREP, but it is a lot harder the other way around. I think this is more beneficial. If you wish to use a mesh instead, I suggest you to simply use the 'Mesh Brep' component.

BREP to mesh.png
BREP to mesh.png (1.05 MiB) Viewed 4414 times
kzaremba wrote: Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:55 pm - Performance upgrade.

Seems very interesting. Could you add some more info on what has been changed in this area?

We decided that for this version we would do a code review to increase speed across every part of the tool. We did some minor tweaking but altogether 3 main areas were improved:
  • Element update speed improvement: We reduced the amount of information we transfer between Grasshopper and ARCHICAD into both directions. Now we check for what information actually needs to be sent for the current command and only that information is transferred. As a result, the speed of Element update in both directions (when creating something with grasshopper or when deconstructing an ARCHICAD element) should improve significantly compared to previous versions.
  • Caching element information: We started caching some element information that were necessary for multiple components/items instead of requesting them for each item separately. This should improve the overall performance.
  • Batching communication between ARCHICAD and Grasshopper: We started sending elements between the 2 applications at once, instead of each component communicating through a different channel. This should also decrease downtime.
So far the feedback about the speed improvements have been very positive. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.