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Topics related to the Grasshopper-Archicad Connection and the various tasks that can be achieved with it.

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dkovacs wrote: code review to increase speed across
Seemes like a lot of work. Great! I hope it will be much more efficient now.

I did an initial test with decomposing components. It's better because the definition size is much smaller. But as it turned out AC Connection read only GUIDs of elements. Other info seems to be null.

The baking form contains without the need of converting ti RH geometry - super cool!
null.JPG (68.28 KiB) Viewed 2801 times
dkovacs wrote:Hi,

I added your request to our system. In general there's no color/texture transferred between Rhino and ARCHICAD (even when you import a 3DM file manually), but we will see what we can do about this.

As for extracting meshes from ARCHICAD:
We have been generating this geometry anyways for the preview in Rhino, so what we did now is made it available for extraction (with customizability).
Brep is "smarter" than a mesh so it is easy to generate a mesh from a BREP, but it is a lot harder the other way around. I think this is more beneficial. If you wish to use a mesh instead, I suggest you to simply use the 'Mesh Brep' component.


Thanks for your answer. Indeed, BREP is better, I'll give it a try to convert to MESH.

Regarding the colour, that will be great if you could add this option. When export ArchiCAD model to Rhino (3DM) I actually can get the colour in Rhino and it works just fine as you can see in the screenshot below.

I don't know about you but I'm experiencing continuous crashing of Rhino when the AC-GH connection is on.
I've tried to start a new AC document from zero (no template), it worked some minutes but Rhino crashed again !
I was starting to do some interesting things, it's a sorrow...
I have the latest AC22 FR and Rhino 5.14.522.8390, under Windows 10 version 1803.

Firstly, thank you for all your hard work on the ArchiCAD/Rhino/Grasshopper connection. I absolutely love it! I just wanted to note that the wall reference line is still fixed to the centre and there appears to be no way to change this. Any ideas when this option will be added?

Thanks in advance and keep up the hard work!

"Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection for ARCHICAD 22 runs with up-to-date ARCHICAD 22 versions only, no such ARCHICAD 22 is found in the selected folder. Please select another ARCHICAD 22 folder."

Hello everyone, I just installed the latest version ARCHICAD 22, I have the same warning, could you tell me how I can install the live connection grasshopper-ARCHICAD ? Thank you!!