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By furtonb

Title says it:


macOS 10.13. (MAS release, due to GPU driver issues), AC22 INT 4023, Rhino 5.5.2.

The GS website specifically says, that only Rhino5 is supported, the WIP isn't, I've deleted the WIP just to see if it interfered, but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.


If you are still having this issue, then make sure that you have run both Rhino and Grasshopper at least once (create something and save in both to make sure it registers) before you try installing the Add-on again. If that doesn't help, then please send me your installer logs (in a Private message) so that we can inspect them and see what might go wrong.


PS. Sorry about the late answer. If you need instant help, please contact your local support instead, as they should be able to help you out promptly!
By furtonb

I've contacted my reseller as well, and they sent the reports to GSHQ.
At some point it resolved itself - perhaps it was related to working in Rhino, I don't know.

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By dkovacs
Hello Everyone,

I have just seen this happen on someone else's MacBook, so we managed to track it down!

Regardless of where (and by what name) an application is installed, the installed apps are indexed by macOS so they could be found - this is what the installer checks to determine whether Rhino is installed. This indexing is done through Spotlight (it is a feature of macOS).

The issue is that if this index is damaged, or spotlight indexing is disabled, then this won't work. You have to restore the Spotlight index first, and then try installing again.

Here's how to rebuild the Spotlight index on your Mac.
And you can find how to enable/disable Spotlight Indexing here.

I hope if someone runs into this issue in the future, this will help!