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By bouhmidage
Hi mates , i'm using the Archicad GH connection since 1 month, every day i encounter several crashes when i try to exchange data between GH and Archicad, ( when working on GH only all is fine)
I have all archicad updates installed and latest GH connection , same problem with Rhino 5 and 6
Any help please ?
By felcunha
It happened with me until I reduce the screen resolution to 1920x1080. I suggest you try it if your screen resolution is higher.
By felcunha
Did you try to uninstall and reinstall your AC-GH connection ?
By felcunha
Try to deactivate the other plugins, restart your computer and see what happens. I've have an info from a plugin editor who told me there could have a conflict between his plugin and AC-GH.