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Topics related to the Grasshopper-Archicad Connection and the various tasks that can be achieved with it.

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By felcunha
Hello all,
People from mcneel announced that Rhino 6 will finally be released for Mac in a week. :-)
Someone could say if we'll have an updated version of GH-AC connection that works with it?

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By dkovacs

There is no official word about compatibility yet, as we will need to do some tests with the final version to say it is compatible for sure.

So far, I have been using the WIP version on macOS sometimes, and it seems to be working, so I expect it could be like it was on windows, where Rhino 6 worked fine with ARCHICAD, we just needed to mend the installer to detect Rhino 6 as a compatible version. Once we know more, we will state the compatibility on the Add-on download site.