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By Thiago F

I'd like to ask if there's a way to extract surfaces from an imported wall in grasshopper based on its different materials. I wanted to separate the interior faces from the exterior ones in a regular wall for example.

As far as I could see, the "deconstruct wall" component does not do that.

Thank you in advance.
By Ignacio
I am only starting to learn Grasshopper so hopefully some expert comes to the rescue. Meanwhile I used your problem for my first 'real' AC-GH exercise and got this far, starting off the AC template:
- since Extract Wall Settings doesn't do the job, and AC off-the-shelf Properties don't include anything for surfaces, I created a new Property Group SURFACES for Wall elements, with properties for inside and outside wall surface (Expression>Parameters & Properties>Wall>Inside Face Surface, Outside Face Surface);
- that can be read by GH (bottom right in picture).

I would think that from that point there must be some way of matching that data with the Brep faces. Just to give some direction to the exercise: what are you trying to do with this?
Extract wall surfaces highlight.jpg
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By felcunha
Unfortunately, it seems the plugin lacks consistency...
I've made some trials with straight walls: sometimes the IDs of the external faces are #3 (of 6) and sometimes not...
Please someone could fix it?
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