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Dear All,

I just want to let you know that we have just released a new update for the ARCHICAD - Grasshopper Live Connection for ARCHICAD 22.

The update delivers compatibility with the latest ARCHICAD 22 update (build 60xx), as well as include several stability improvements.

The Check for Updates feature should notify you of the new update, but you can also find it on Give it a try and let us know how you like it.


The current plan is to get ready with it for October. We are already hard at work on the version that will be compatible with ARCHICAD 23. Once ARCHICAD 23 is released, we can start packaging the compatible version (and hopefully release it in a few weeks after).

I have tried to install this but I keep getting the message that it won t install because its says Rhino is not installed on my computer. This is not correct because I have been using Rhino and grasshopper. Any Ideas as to why it can't find Rhino. Thanks
Hello Richard,

I am sure we can sort it out!

Based on your signature I assume you are on macOS 10.14. The first thing I would check in this case, is whether you have ever used Grasshopper on that computer before. When you first install Rhino, it is just a Drag-and-drop, but the system won't register that it is installed. You will need to open Rhino, start Grasshopper, and play around with it a bit, and then quit the application. When you quit the applications, several system level settings are created, that will tell the installer that you have Grasshopper and Rhino installed on your machine.

Please try this, then restart the computer and try installing the add-on again. If it didn't help, please get the installer logs from this folder, and send them to me, so that I can take a look at what might go wrong. Also, please let me know what version of Rhino you have installed, and what version of ARCHICAD you are using.