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Topics related to the Grasshopper-Archicad Connection and the various tasks that can be achieved with it.

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By papsphilip
i've just installed grasshopper connection on both of my workstations. its not working for one of them.
it says grasshopper is not running when i press start connection even though it is.

i have archicad 22 and rhino 6 on windows 10 on both workstations. Anyone else having trouble with grasshopper connection?
i still haven't fixed it,

"grasshopper not found",
"no document connected"
"port number 41678".

it seems archicad cant find the grasshopper document? i have no idea why its not working. i have uninstalled both rhino and archicad, clean reinstalled everything and still archicad cant find grasshopper.

this is in the command line when running netstat -b

Any ideas?
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By rjwilden
This issue was discussed in this post
My understanding is the connection won't work with Rhino 6.0 but there has been no comment from Graphisoft.
Grasshopper live connection was one of the few new items in the v23 release. It would be great if they would make it work????
By papsphilip
it does work with Rhino 6, i have it working on my laptop. for some reason i cant get it to work for my pc too.
same rhino same archicad, same windows