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Hello, I am totally new to try this feature, so I am using Archicad 23 EDU, and Rhino 6. I have installed the connection plugin, and the 'archicad' tab on grasshopper is already shown up. Then I did a test by making a slab in Archicad, and in GH I put the Slab parameter capsule, and right click on it and click something called 'extract/select a single from archicad'. Then the window of GH and Rhino were minimized only for a couple seconds, and then it went back again to the GH window, and nothing happened. Seems like I cannot extract or I think the connection is not working. Can somebody help me please? Thank you!

I hope you managed to figure out how to get along with it by yourself. If no, let me share this youtube playlist with you, that should take you through all the steps of how to get started with Grasshopper (and the Live connection): ... 9_-IjzZGcl

Anyhow, in this specific case, if you want to reference an existing slab inside ARCHICAD to be liked to a "slab container" component in grasshopper, first you will need to start the connection from the Grasshopper Connection palette (see the video for this), and then right-click on the component, choose "select one slab in ARCHICAD", and then click a slab in ARCHICAD. If the slab was already selected in ARCHICAD before, then it may pick the selected slab automatically.

I hope this helps!