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I am currently working on a research project with a local firm where we aim to develop a grasshopper script that could color visualize energy use (from data extracted from the Archicad energy evaluation report) on building volumes/forms in Archicad. However, I want to know if there are ways to work directly between Archicad and Grasshopper without using Rhino as a link. In other words, what is the capacity of the Grasshopper-Archicad live connection to read geometry from Archicad directly into Grasshopper? I am trying to eliminate the incorporation of Rhino in this equation for two reasons: 1. Avoid purchasing Rhino for the firm I work with + 2. Avoid having to introduce the office to the use of a new modeling program that they aren’t familiar with (people at the office only know how to use Archicad, but little/no knowledge of Grasshopper and Rhino. Ultimately, I would just have to set up the grasshopper script and it would automatically run with Archicad projects and not have them go through accessing Rhino in addition to that. Does anyone know how this workflow could work?
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By LaszloNagy
Grasshopper is a Rhino "Add-On" and is run by typing the "Grasshopper" command in Rhino. I do not think Grasshopper can run on its own.
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By Moonlight
#305595 &

1. Grasshopper is a rhino plugin, you need Rhino.
2. Mc Neel is creating a new project that is doing just what you need called RhinoInside, but you will still need to purchase/install rhino to function.
3. Rhino is not that difficult, and for what you're proposing they have to learn one of the two procedures:
3a. Either to type "Grasshopper" to fire it up from with in Rhino.
3b. How to navigate to the Grasshopper icon.

4. If you needed something a little but more elaborate, just create an office reference guide.

5. For the economic reasons you have just mentioned, I can't say anthing but contact the local dealer, maybe he can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

About the workflow, PM me, may be I can help
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By leceta
Shortly, you cannot scape from rhino if you want to use Grasshopper. Not even using RhinoInside...

If you dont want to pay a Rhino license (you should) Invest time learning python + Archicad API, hopefully, in the near future (3-4 years?) you will be able to automate "some" operations

Anyway, Rhino is particularly cheap, license cost 1200€, each release is published more or less each 5-6 years. Update are 600€. A bargain. And Graphisoft is investing resources to enhance connection with Rhino/Grasshopper. I my opinion, Rhino is a must-have in the toolset of an Archicad user.
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By leceta
Rajaa Issa from McNeel has recently published a very interesting manual about algorithms design and data structures basics for grasshopper. Enjoy! ... algorithms

Also worth mentioning her previous manual about essential maths for programmers. ... athematics

For completing these resources for beginning with Grasshopper, David Rutten has made some good introductory lessons. They are rather old videos, but the content is excellent:

the very basics: ... vid-rutten
not so very basics:

mastering Data trees:
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By Steve Jepson
Besides Grasshopper, Marionette, and Dyno, what other algorithmic design software for use with CAD programs is there ?
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By Moonlight
From Bentley side you have Generative Component (never seen it)