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By Nic Tulban
I deconstruct a composite wall. The result could be a lot of breps, each for each material in the composite. Has anybody any idea how to select the brep with a certain material, to select it in order to continue working on it?
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By LaszloNagy
I don't think it is possible to deconstruct a Composite or Complex Profile element of ARCHICAD into its Skins/Components using the Deconstruct Components in Grasshopper.
The Deconstruct Components will take the whole geometry of the Wall (or another element) and convert it into a series of surfaces. See this clip for explanation:

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By LaszloNagy
I have realized that maybe there is a way this can be achieved after all.
It can be achieved if elements can be broken down into their skins/components.
This is possible to do by exporting the project file as IFC with specific settings, then opening that IFC. This is the post where I detail how to do that:


I think this IFC trick can help you break down the element into individual skins and then you can bring the individual skins into Grasshopper. The one caveat is that after you open the exported IFC back into ARCHICAD, individual skins will be converted into Morphs or Objects, depending on IFC Import settings, but hopefully, that is not a problem when getting them into Grasshopper.