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In an Archicad 24 model with a pattern of 3D bricks I want to assign 4 materials spread randomly over the bricks (about 500 bricks, modeled with the wall tool).

Is there a way in Grasshopper to connect (import) a complete AC 3D model and just assign the materials without generating the whole model again in Grasshopper?

I am familiar with connecting AC to GH.
You could randomly overwrite the side and edge Surfaces of Walls to achieve this result.
The main problem is that The Archicad-Grasshopper Connection cannot modify elements already existing in Archicad. It can only create new elements.
If this is about 500 elements, I would say it is faster to individually select elements (maybe an Elevation Viewpoint is best to do it in), set the Surface overrides, and achieve the result that way.
I used the "Deconstruct Wall" component to get the curves of the walls in the AC model (they are in Layer A). These curves are the input for the "Wall" design component. In "Settings" component I assigned another layer (Layer B) for the walls and I found a way to spread the 4 materials randomly over the new walls.

This works .... but .... something strange happens ....

The walls from Layer A which I assigned to get the curves are being deleted in AC (only when synchronizing of the "Wall" design component is true). What I am doing wrong?