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By Bricklyne Clarence
Florian Lohberger wrote: Fri Dec 11, 2020 11:16 am hi

do you see any chance that the Archicad - Grasshopper connection gets similar development and marketing focus like the one you find here listed as the second topic:

I see the potentials by integrating the Rhino/GH environment with a BIM application crucial.

BR, Florian

Sorry, a bit off-topic, but...
God, just look at all the new features in that new features page.

I just kept going through the list of all the new things in the new version, and I just couldn't help feeling jealous of Rhino users. Some of them are even features that I want in ARCHICAD, for crying out loud (the Ambient Occlusion with edges display mode that is used a lot in architecture but which for some strange reason no one has ever though to integrate into their software for -straight-out-of-the-box use (I think Revit has it now), for example, or the improved gradients and transparent hatches).

Remember what it was like to get the new version of your favourite software and find it was just chock full of so many new features (that were useful to YOU), that you didn't even know if you'd be using all of them, much less even know about them all?

Some of their new features are so extensive, that they have sub-categories within the new features of the new sub-features that each feature has.
It's insane!

But then again, the Rhino developers do take their time releasing new versions, which makes it that you're assured of getting good value for money when the new version is released.

Sorry, but I just had to remark on that.
It just blew my mind.
By Szamimate
I had the same problem. Here is my solution from the rhino forum:
The connection seams to be working between ArchiCAD 24 and Rhino 7.0 - but the install process is far from smooth. Here is what I did, if anyone has the same problem:
  • download, and install Rhino 6. It only asks for licence for starting the software - which you don’t need
  • install the ArchiCAD connection. It will work this time.
  • the installer puts a ArchiCADConnection.gha file to rhino6/plug-ins/grashopper. Copy it to rhino 7.
  • the .gha will not load at this point, as it needs Newtonsoft.Json.dll to run. It is renamed as Newtonsoft.Json.Rhino.dll in rhino 7. I copied the one from the rhino 6/system to Rhino 7/system. Seams to be working
  • at this point ArchiCAD stopped working. I needed to reinstall it
  • after the reinstall, is seams to be working fine (well at least on the surface)
Szamosi Máté
By alexsks
For me it worked without problems (AC 23, AC/GH Connection 3007) by just copying these files (to Rhino folder "Plug-ins/Grasshopper").


I was under the impression that Newtonsoft.JSON.dll is created by the Archicad plug-in, I didn't see it in Rhino 7/6 (renamed or not). Anyway, I didn't rename it.

To write some details... Since I was installing on a new computer and anticipated problems after reading this thread, I did the following tests:

1) I installed Rhino 7 using installation folder "Rhino 6" - plug-in couldn't install as it didn't detect Rhino (yes, stupid idea).
2) I installed Rhino 6 using installaton folder "Rhino 5" - plug-in was installed for the old version.
3) I copied the three files from old to new and it worked.

Final test, on a virtual machine, I installed normally Archicad 23 and Rhino 7. I copied the three files as above and I copied the folder "Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection" from Archicad's Add-Ons on the main PC to the virtual PC. It works. That's on different hardware and pc names. I assume the installation of the plug-in just copies the needed files, so, with the above files, there's no need to install Rhino 6 and the plug-in.
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By Emil Meijer
alexsks wrote: Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:41 am For me it worked without problems (AC 23, AC/GH Connection 3007) by just copying these files (to Rhino folder "Plug-ins/Grasshopper").

Can confirm that this is working on my end too. Used the files from Rhino 6 installation folder and just copied them into the Rhino 7 folder. It hasn't given me any errors so far.
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By Aaron Bourgoin
worked for me as well.