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Discussion about Working from Home in Archicad and BIMcloud.

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I use a Mac at problem. I use a PC at home: no license. I don't know when it stopped as I only sporadically use ARCHICAD at home, but it's been unavailable since at least Saturday 25/07/2020.

I can sign in to Graphisoft ID, and the CodeMeter WebAdmin, but I can't get a software license for any of my ARCHICADs at home. I've spoken with my company's IT, and nothing has changed with their setup, so it should still be working.

I have turned off my firewall, and my antivirus: No luck.
Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your question and I am very sorry for the issue!

Could you let me know a bit more about the setup that you have at home? Are you getting the license from the server's company via VPN, or did you download or borrow the software license to your computer? Do you see the license visible in CodeMeter Control Panel or License Manager tool?

To diagnose further, I will need the following information:

- The number of the SW key that you want to use(SW00000xxxxx)
- CmDust log (
- A screen shot of License Manager Tool
- A screen shot of the files in the CmAct folder
macOS: MacHD/Library/Application Support/CodeMeter/CmAct
Windows: C:\ProgramData\CodeMeter\CmAct

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,
Thanks Minh.

The issue has been resolved now: but the cause was either the latest 23 installer, or the 24 installer (I installed both at the same time). One, or both of them cleared the server list in my CodeMeter license manager, so it couldn't find the authenticating server.

Sorted now.