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Discussion about Working from Home in Archicad and BIMcloud.

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By Hunter
I am trying to setup my bimcloud to be remotely accessed. This is for a university assignment where I am working with one other person. I have been looking all day at how to do this with no luck.

I have tried setting up a VPN connection between computers. I have even upgraded my home internet connection to a business one that has a static public IP address.

I wish to know how I can set my public IP address as an alternate address in my bimcloud manager so that my project partner can access from their computer on a different network. I have also attempted a PAT to redirect the router at home.

A step by step guide on how to set this up properly would be greatly appreciated.
You need to forward the port that you configured BIMCloud to listen to so that it is accessible from outside your LAN.
Things to check:
  • The computer/server that BIMCloud must allow connections to that port.
  • The router/modem that provides internet access to that computer/server needs to forward data sent to it from outside the LAN to that port to the computer/server's configured port.
If you are not sure how to do those things you will probably need to refer to someone that has some networking knowledge.

For configuring the BIMCloud server see here.