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Discussion about Working from Home in Archicad and BIMcloud.

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(1) Raspberry Pi - Install Rasphian
(2) Download WibuKey Codemeter for Linux/ARM on the RaspberryPi
(3) Install WibuKey Codemeter for Linux/ARM
(4) Use VNC Server und VNC Viewer to get remote control for the RaspberryPi
(5) Use the Raspbian browser to get into the webadmin tool of Codemeter. Setup up everything under settings

Dont forget to plug in your Dongle :wink:

If you use an VPN you have to check your IP and then add it into Codemeter. On the RaspberryPi the IP of the workstation and on your workstation the IP of the RaspberryPi.

Its not very detailed, but if you have questions while in process just ask
Can't you just plug the key into your workstation?
Or are you using the RaspberryPi as a server for network licenses?

Yeah but you wanna spread them all among the users.

Our licences are all on a dongle. So yeah i think the right describtion is:

RaspberryPi as licenses server