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Discussion about Working from Home in Archicad and BIMcloud.

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i'm wondering if anyone who uses the 3D mouse made by 3DConnexion has any spazzing issues with the 3D window. i can't do my usual 3D flythrough exploration of my model when i'm working from home because of the constant spazzing out of the window when i activate the 3D Flythrough, but with the 3D mouse, the Flythrough isn't even activated & you can still explore the model. ... 339&sr=8-5

also, i did you guys a favour by already searching for "3D mouse" on Amazon & finding the link to the exact product. you're welcome.
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By Erwin Edel
3D exploration does not work at all with remote desktop.

It's not related to your 3DConnexion device. I get the same problems with a 'normal' mouse.

The problem has to do with the way OpenGL is supported (or lack thereof) through remote desktop.

The workaround from AC23 onwards (I think?) is to press J for Joystick. Which will but a circular dot on your screen to control the turning of the camera.
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By Erwin Edel
I will add that using the joystick mode is a poor substitute for the productivity I have with exploration on a non remote desktop setup in the office.
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By Lingwisyer
Try out Parsec. I have had none of the issues I have had with WRDP or Teamviewer. Video compression is also much better with Parsec vs Teamviewer.

thank you -- i understand that the 3D Explorer doesn't work because it's OpenGL that messes up.
but my follow-up question was regarding the use of the 3D mouse peripheral & whether a user, working from home & remote-desktopping into their workstation, is able to use it to explore the 3D window as smoothly as 3D explorer without having to activate the function & just by simply using the peripheral.


is there anyone with a 3DConnexxion 3D mouse that's used it at home while remote-desktopping into their PC at work? how has their experience been?