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Topics specific to the scripting and development of Library Parts and Libraries using Param-O or the Geometric Description Language – GDL. (Example: How do you use “REQUEST” GDL commands?)

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I made a foot anchor for wood pillars with PARAM-O. The metallic part is made completely with nodes, instead the concrete foundation is made starting with a profile (cause I don't know how to make it with nodes). The problem is that in section the foundation is not showed. I tried with other profiles and even with those it doesn't work, I don't know what's wrong. There aren't problems in plan, elevation and 3d views.
I attach the PARAM-O file, sorry but I don't know how to export the profile.

p.s. I have already checked layer visibility, overriders, etc.
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The problem might be because of self-intersection or overlapping of the object made from profile. Even if this overlapping happens in decimals of millimetres - that is very hard to notice. Even if it looks OK in 3D window - sections and elevations can be more sensitive to it - because they build 2D vectors from the models.
Try not to use profile when you need to make objects like these.
You can model your shape with morph instead. If you want that it would be part of your PARAM-O object - save your morph as GDL object and use this object in PARAM-O (command called "GDL Object" in Extras).
elle83, you appear to be creating a static object? As param-o is still in development and appears to be lacking a pyramid shape then I would suggest you look at using the GS Library Part Maker add-on which is probably more suited in this case and a lot easier to master.
Or build it with a segmented column.

Thanks Podolsky. I used the profile cause I watched a tutorial on youtube. Now, making it as you suggested, it works.

DGSketcher, I want to use it with different pillar sizes, so I think is better to make it as PARAM-O object. But thanks for the suggestion, that add-on looks interesting.

Barry, I made other foundation as you suggest, but for this one I want to make a single completed object.
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Barry Kelly wrote:Or build it with a segmented column.

In which case it becomes parametric :lol:

elle86, if you take Barry's column option it would be formed with a square base, the next segment would be tapered, add another square for the top of the concrete, a fourth segment as the bracket base plate and then the side plates would be formed with a fifth segment using a complex profile. Easy when you know how and a lot easier than Param-O!
DGSketcher wrote: Tue May 04, 2021 10:10 am In which case it becomes parametric :lol:

And with a bit of effort (using modifiers in the complex profiles) you can even add bolts and other bits in the sides.
Just a case of stacking a lot of segments on top of each other.
A couple of examples.

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Just out of curiosity I took a shot at this and managed to create this Object with Param-O.
I have used 4 Wedge Nodes and subtracted them from a Block to create the bottom and middle portion of it, then used another Block Node to create the top portion.
It is parametric, so you can set its base length and width, top length and width, base height, middle height, full height, plus pen and surface.

Rectangular Footing.png
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