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Topics specific to the scripting and development of Library Parts and Libraries using Param-O or the Geometric Description Language – GDL. (Example: How do you use “REQUEST” GDL commands?)

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Better and better Braza :D

Your GDL kung fu is perfect :wink:
For me the object works perfectly

You have reactivated the Hotspots on the enclosing box why ?

I think setting the zzyzx to zero is better for 3D hotspots

"05. Set the 3d appearence for this object;" for this mesh no ?

I enclose the French instructions with some small corrections
Code: Select all
IF language = "Français" THEN
	ui_text_ObjTitle = 		"COMPOSITE MESH OBJECT"
	ui_text_MeshObjName = 	"Objet/Nom >>>"
	ui_text_skin = 			"Couche"
	ui_text_skins = 		"Couches"
	ui_text1_bMesh3D = 		"Maillage/3D"
	ui_text_PenCon3d = 		"Stylo/3D"
	ui_text_PenFil2d = 		"Stylo/2D"
	ui_text_PenBkg2d = 		"Stylo fond/2D"
	ui_text_lThick = 		"Epaisseur"
	ui_text_BMAT = 			"Matériaux"
	ui_text_TopSurf = 		"Surface/Haut"
	ui_text_SideSurf = 		"Surface/Coté"
	ui_text_BotSurf = 		"Surface/Bas"
	ui_text_PenCut = 		"Stylo/Coupe"

	width_intruc = 			280
	intruc_text[1] = 		"Instructions:"
	intruc_text[2] = 		"01. Créez un maillage solide avec l'outil de maillage et placez des points chauds 2D sur des nœuds de référence;"
	intruc_text[3] = 		"02. Sélectionnez votre maillage et ouvrez sa «Boîte de dialogue Paramètres»;"
	intruc_text[4] = 		"03. Ouvrez le menu déroulant «MODELE»;"
	intruc_text[5] = 		"04. Remplacer les surfaces supérieure, jupe et inférieure par 3 surfaces différentes (une pour chacune);"
	intruc_text[6] = 		"05. Définissez l'apparence 3D de ce maillage;"
	intruc_text[7] = 		"06. Cliquez sur OK dans «Paramètres de sélection de maillage»;"
	intruc_text[8] = 		"07. Sélectionnez votre maillage et vos points chauds de référence et allez dans Fichier> Bibliothèques et objets> Enregistrer la sélection sous ...> Objet;"
	intruc_text[9] = 		"08. Enregistrez votre objet dans la bibliothèque emboitée avec un nom unique;"
	intruc_text[10] = 		"09. Cliquez sur OK dans la boîte de dialogue «Modifier les paramètres de base de l'objet»;"
	intruc_text[11] = 		"10. Sélectionnez cet objet (Composite Mesh Object) et ouvrez sa «Boîte de dialogue Paramètres»;"
	intruc_text[12] = 		"11. Ouvrez le menu déroulant «PARAMÈTRES PERSONNALISÉS»;"
	intruc_text[13] = 		"12. Dans 'Objet/Nom >>>' tapez le nom de votre objet maillage enregistré;"
	intruc_text[14] = 		"13. Enfin, définissez les paramètres comme vous le souhaitez!"
	intruc_text[15] = 		"PS.: Si vous devez éditer le maillage d'origine, répétez les étapes 09 à 11 et rechargez votre bibliothèque."
	intruc_text[16] = 		""
	intruc_text[17] = 		""

Have a good day and thanks again
Thanks Yves. :)
Yves wrote:Your GDL kung fu is perfect
Nah! Its more like GDL Sumo. :lol:
Yves wrote:You have reactivated the Hotspots on the enclosing box why ?
Never mind... I was using it during some tests and forgot to disable it.
Yves wrote:"05. Set the 3d appearance for this object;" for this mesh no ?
I was referencing the final appearance of the object. So if you want the object to have sharp or smooth edges then you have to set it there. Does this makes sense?

Thanks for the translation.

But I am really not satisfied with the behavior of the object regarding vertical placement. I did some tests, and the results for the called object are very distinct. i.e.: If I set some Mesh node lower than the Mesh Reference level, then the called object will be elevated by that factor. This and the fact that I can't set the elevation of the object to match the elevation of the Mesh is frustrating. I thought of creating parameters for "Object Elevation" and "Skirt Height" for the user to input the values of the Mesh... but unfortunately I had no success. Anyway... I will let it "marinate". :wink:
@lopezfigueroa and @ Joachim Suehlo
Cool! Feel free to distribute it as you wish. :D

Joachim Suehlo wrote:I would suggest adding the version number of the object on top of the User Interface within the "UI_DIALOG".
I agree. Keeping track of object iterations is becoming a little bit messy. I would like to develop this kind of projects here on this forum, but perhaps it is time for us to migrate this and other projects to Github. :(