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Topics specific to the scripting and development of Library Parts and Libraries using Param-O or the Geometric Description Language – GDL. (Example: How do you use “REQUEST” GDL commands?)

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Lol my wall accessories has a framing object that I use Dayly. It's incomplete but works better than the one that comes with accessories.
It also has sheet rock and baseboards if you wish to show them

Videos made from my coverings and wall framing/finish object

Also why would you not just code you biarcs with a loop? Seems like a waste to me. Just use since v6 polyline and apple the data to the loops.
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By Braza
Podolsky wrote:The use of biarc is very important in architecture. As I know, in most cases it's biarcs instead of spline.
Agreed. I am just saying that Road paths can be very tricky (Specially existing ones), with alternate straight and arched segments in the same path. Your object doesn't allow the user to set individual path segments type. I think SinceV6 Polyline is more versatile in this mater.

Podolsky wrote:I also want to say, that I don't think that to use curtain wall for something else apart of curtain wall -
The thing is that Curtain Wall Tool does the job. So why do I need something else. But I understand your point. It is difficult for a new user discover that they can do wall framing with a Curtain Wall Tool. That is when I see that Param-o could have a much bigger role in AC if it would become an Assembling Tool for all 2d and 3d AC elements. Including Walls, Slabs, Roofs, Objects, Lines, Fills, etc.
Can someone at Graphisoft find and post the video they made when the CW tool was first released. The one I'm talking about is a heavy timber and plaster German Beer Hall modelled entirely with the Curtainwall tool. It was there to prove a point. I think.
Aaron Bourgoin wrote: Mon Jun 21, 2021 2:45 pm Can someone at Graphisoft find and post the video they made when the CW tool was first released.

Do you mean when the curtain wall was introduced in version 12 (2008) or when it was renewed in version 22 (2018)?

I just googled ...curtain wall archicad version 12
And there are quite a lot to choose from on youtube.
I am not if any of those are the one you want.

Hey Barry, yes it was from the v12 Curtain Wall Tool Rollout. As I recall it was sent to Archicad sellers as a technical sales tool.
By sinceV6
Braza wrote: p.s.: It would be really nice if SinceV6 could send us a simple object with a "raw/clean" working version of his 3d Polyline that we could start to work. :D
Based on the image you posted, I think you already have the object. The library was posted here. The version with arcs is as simple as I could figure, taking into account 2D/3D projections of arcs/helices. Maybe I took the long road to solve that one :lol:

The fact that ArchiCAD's tools can be used to model things other than their purpose is a great advantage. Specific tools and objects for every aspect of a building would mean a never ending list of... tools and objects. I remember a great discussion about simplifying the tools (and maybe it was a bit extreme), like considering Walls, Beams and Columns based on the same principle of extruded geometry along a path. Sure... each have different uses and properties, but the principle is quite the same. I guess this is for another thread.

Back on topic.
Maybe is time to dig a bit into the wish forums. There may be some good ideas there.

Best regards.
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By Braza
Hi SinceV6,
Unfortunately I can´t edit them... They are password protected. (At leas the one I was testing).
But never mind... I was testing the "Create Mesh from Surveyor File" command and it wont work the way I planned. The thing is that the command doesn't create "negative" contour meshes. If a point creates a concave contour, it converts to an internal node and draw the outer possible contour. Does this makes sense? :(
So bye bye Road Object. :mrgreen:
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By Braza
Thanks a lot SinceV6. Dynamic Polyline ER is exactly what I was looking for. I will dive in. :D

But this limitation for the "Create Mesh from Surveyor File" command makes this project inviable. I think.
Anyway... It is weird, because if I save a Mesh as an object, it will use mass{2} command for 3d and a poly2_b{5} for 2d. Both allow concave contours. It looks like the "Create Mesh from Surveyor File" command is using MESH command to build the final mesh. Which is very archaic and limited. I would like to be missing something good here. :? :(
By sinceV6
Braza wrote: mass{2} command for 3d and a poly2_b{5} for 2d
A bit off topic, but related... This states one of the things I hate and love about AC. I have always understood the flexibility, and perhaps efficiency, of having a 3D shape that can be displayed as something entirely different in 2D. But this also makes it sometimes feel like floor plans are disconnected from the model, instead of being derived from the 3D geometry of elements, even for its own native tools. Display order should only exist for 2D elements, not 3D elements or their projections.

As for the mesh/road... I think we need to be careful to know when something requires a scripted object -one that parametrically solves one or a set of defined things- or a tool -which can accommodate a broader set of solutions-. Thinking about all the things road design means, I would say it is a better job for a tool(set).

Best regards.
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