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Topics specific to the scripting and development of Library Parts and Libraries using Param-O or the Geometric Description Language – GDL. (Example: How do you use “REQUEST” GDL commands?)

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If I want to use some unmodyfied macros, and my object should work in AC 16, 17, 18 and 19 I might get the problem that there are macros with the same name in the different AC versions, but with different script content and different GUIDs. So it might be possible that i get error messages because of this.
The question therefore is: is it allowed to use the Graphisoft macros where I only change their name and their GUID, but not their scripted content and provide commercial objects together with this renamed macros?
If I wanted to create say a set of custom doors that utilise the default macro structure but at certain stages, call a custom macro instead, by the sounds of it, I would not be allowed to share the macro that has been modified to make a different call and would instead need to include instructions on which default macros to duplicate? Does modifying the GUID count as a modification to the object?

I write my own casing macro.
I duplicate and modify the relevant macro(s) to call my custom macro instead of the default.
(If I wanted this to appear in the door options, I think I would need to duplicate 2 or 3 macros, unmodified, prior to the modified one.)

I can share my casing macro and the root macros (?)
I have to provide instructions on which macros to duplicate and make call adjustments to

There has been much discussion about this in this thread and the answer evolved. Here is the posts which you should read and that should give you a good idea of what can and cannot be done: