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Topics specific to the scripting and development of Library Parts and Libraries using Param-O or the Geometric Description Language – GDL. (Example: How do you use “REQUEST” GDL commands?)

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By Moonlight
My lovely dear Graphisoft,

ifc_subtype parameter can be considered well documented by your standards.

contrary to ifc_predefined type

it's considered a predefined Graphisoft ArchiCAD's GDL parameter, but there is nothing about it.

Please, if you intend to retire it in the future, couldn't you have left a note.
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By Moonlight
Dear Graphisoft,

I here by confirm that there is a typo in your manuals

ArchiCAD 22 - GDL Reference Manual - How to know what the exact GUID of a Library Object is - page 506

ArchiCAD 23 - GDL Reference Manual - How to know what the exact GUID of a Library Object is - page 533

It says:
This dialog appears in 3 contexts:
• Open Object by Subtype ... (in File menu)
• ..... etc, etc
Well I don't know about Mac users, but PC users don't have Open Object by Subtype in the File Menu,

They have it in the "Edit GDL Libaray Parts" toolbar
This is interesting.
I searched for the command on Mac and found it in the work environment under "All commands"
and was able to add it to the File menu.
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By Moonlight
@Joachim Suehlo

This is a long thread about suggesting manual's improvements, since that there is no known place where we can suggest edits to the manuals.

Anyway, about your comment, you have just proved my point, and that is in need of revision and proof reading, since that a lot of he users aren't experts and will usually turn to the manual/guides for reference.
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By Moonlight
Please Graphisoft

For Migration Script, there is no examples for STORED_PAR_VALUE or DELETED_PAR_VALUE, and it would be nice if you have added this example
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By Moonlight
Hi Graphisoft,

It's me again,

I just wanted you to know is that, in the section of "Global Variable" it would be really nice of you that you made clear that IFC_predefinedtype variable found in all your predefined subtypes and GDL library parts is a parameter that is maintained for the sake of compatibility of current library with previous ones, as was explained be @Péter Baksa.
An IFC translator has a "Type Mapping" preset, where a classification-based or element-based rule set can be defined. In the template shipped with AC, the classification system "ARCHICAD Classification" is set up to work with the IFC translators, always defining an IFC type and Predefined Type. Using these translators, IFC_predefinedtype has no effect.

When an IFC translator is set up to use element mapping, the mapping is not customizable by the user, and depends on the AC version. For AC23 this document shows two MEP element types where IFC_predefinedtype is handled by the translator. On the AC side, these parameters are handled by the MEP add-on.

So IFC_predefinedtype is retired, it exists in GDL elements only for compatibility.
source: ... post-18588
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By Moonlight
Hi Graphisoft,

How are you ? Did you miss me ?

For this post issue, it's going to be adding a side/marginal note about Parameter Arrays - Parameter Script - graphical user interface - & n = APPLICATION_QUERY ("parameter_script", "firstoccasion_in_progress", isFirstRun)

The note:

- When working with inter-related parameter arrays that are exposed (or shown in) in the UI that may be updated by adding an index outside the predefined bounds, it is expected that some (or all) the arrays that needs to add a column (or row) may not take effect even when the script is correct.

For those issues, copy the parts of script that updates the parameter arrays to the Master Script.

It's also advisable to put these part inside an (if ... then ... endif) block to execute the code only when needed.
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By Moonlight
Hi Graphisoft;

For many years I have used DRAWINDEX,

So how come that until the moment I'm writing this comment, we as ArchiCAD GDL scriptor, are unaware that DRAWINDEX was not like layers being organised inside the script, but like a directory of predefined layers of elements for (figures, fills, lines, text)

Just as was explained by PETER BAKSA in this thread HOW TO RESET DRAWINDEX?

And how is it that until now, we wouldn't know that DRAWINDEX 50 is considered the reset/default value !!!!
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By Csilla Mai
Dear Moonlight,

Thank you for your suggestions regarding the GDL Manual and the learning materials! We highly value them and will take them into consideration when focusing on the improvement of these materials which we plan to do in the next few years.

Please feel free to give us further feedback in this topic.

Best Regards,
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By Moonlight
Next few years ???!!!!
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