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Topics specific to the scripting and development of Library Parts and Libraries using Param-O or the Geometric Description Language – GDL. (Example: How do you use “REQUEST” GDL commands?)

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I created a window by using the WALLHOLE command in 3D script and the LINE2 and ARC2 commands in 2D script section. But I cannot select the window in Ground Floor View.
Clicking on the drawn lines of the window the command "Enter Rotation Vector of Selection Rectangle" appears instead of selecting the window.
What can I do?
selection problem.png
selection problem.png (166.64 KiB) Viewed 411 times
Hi Martin, that message comes from the Arrow tool, it has a geometry method that needs multiple clicks.

The arrow tool's magnet function only detects lines/arcs defined with the HOTLINE and HOTARC commands. You need to use them besides the LINE2s and ARC2s. There is no special command for polygons, if they have a fill they are magnetic.
The HOTLINE and HOTARC and poly2_b commands are not what I need.
Sorry if I misexplaned what I want.

I want that my window gets selected in floorview, if I click somewhere in the wallhole.

Actually that is not the case but "Enter Rotation Vector of Selection Rectangle" appears instead of selecting the window.
Martin Walter wrote:Actually that is not the case but "Enter Rotation Vector of Selection Rectangle" appears instead of selecting the window.

Because it is not picking up anything that it can "magnet" to, so it defaults to your Arrow Tools selection method, which is Rotated Rectangle. The Wallhole itself does not have a selectable internal feature, only the corners. As the GS people have mentioned, you will need to add a Fill in some way or use Hotlines / Hotarcs and hope that one of them falls within your selection tolerance.

Thanks for the answers!
I got the selection working by
Code: Select all
set fill 65
poly2_b      4, 2+4,      0, 0,
			   0,       0,      0,
			   0,     -300,      0,
			   1230,  -300,      0,
			   1230,    0,      0
Now the only problem is the color of the fill area. It is green if selected and not white like with the standard windows. How can I change the color of the fill to white?
wrong color when selected.png
wrong color when selected.png (40.58 KiB) Viewed 206 times
Whether the surface of selected elements is highlighted is controlled by a setting in the Work Environment Dialog.
In the Dialog, activate the "Selection and Element Information" page, and uncheck the "Highlight element surface during selection" checkbox. Keep in mind that this will affect all selected elements, not only Doors.
However, the contours of elements will still be highlighted if you keep the "Highlight element contour during selection" checkbox checked, so you will still have a visual cue of whether an element is selected or not.
There must be a way to set the fill area to white when selected using the GDL too, because the AC Window 23 has two different selectable areas in floor view: one which is green when selected and one which is white when selected:
Window23.png (17.13 KiB) Viewed 161 times
I don't think there is a setting using which you can influence this.
To me, it seems like it is just one of Archicad's idiosyncrasies.
When the "Floor Plan Display" field is set to "Symbolic", you can see this difference in selection highlight between the cut and uncut portions of the Window.
However, if the "Floor Plan Display" field is set to "Projected" or "Projected with Overhead", both cut and uncut portions are highlighted with green.
And, if the "Floor Plan Display" field is set to "Overhead All" then all portions are white and there is no green highlight.

I think this was just a product design decision that this is how it will work.
Hi Martin,

Do you use a wallhole2 command in the 2D script? It has a fill_control parameter that is capable of drawing a magnetized fill that isn't green when selected. It needs a set fill command before it to work.

Not using any wallhole2 command creates a rectangular hole with width A, with the same magnetized transparent fill.